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5 years tomorrow
July 29, 2019, 8:33 P.M.

Friday-- I got my nails done at Sassy after work on Friday (OPI Significant Other Color), and then went home and took it easy till Spouse got home. It had been such a vile week, I was just played out.

Got my new summons date for jury duty on Friday, and it is exactly the day my postponement expires. They didn't waste any time putting me back in!

We ran down to Roma in Winthrop Harbor for takeout pizzas, and that was about the size of it for Friday.

Saturday-- First, we went to Panera for breakfast. I had an asiago bagel with chive schmear, and Spouse had a breakfast sandwich and almond-raspberry thumbprint cookies. Then we took the Hyundai to the Kwik-Trip, along with a bag of microfiber cloths and a can of my AC-Delco glass cleaner, and after we filled it, we ran it through the top-end wash, then vacuumed and polished the interior and cleaned all the glass. Made her sparkle!

Since the dog is sick and we couldn't go to see my dad, we took one of our foodie jaunts down to Lake County, IL. We hit the Trader Joes in Libertyville, the Costco in Mettawa, Lewis Fresh Produce in Waukegan, and the Jewel on N. Lewis in Waukegan (for Russell's Barbecue Sauce, and something we are very excited to think MIGHT be somewhat like the old Chef's Kitchen Pizzas).

Got lots of yummy goodies, plus the Costco yielded the perfect paper towel holder and they had enormous, fluffy Egyptian cotton bath towels for the ridiculously low price of $5.99 each, so I picked up a pair of dark blue ones. (I cleared out the older towels and donated them to the animal hospital a couple weeks ago, so I need to get some replacements. )

I did some housework in the afternoon (cleaned the bathroom and did all the laundry), and for dinner, Spouse made a divine meal. He grilled some delectable little strip steaks, baked a couple of potatoes, and made haricots verts with sauteed with caramelized onion and bits of his homemade bacon--WOW, was it ever a good meal. Even had rolls--Trader Joe's Aloha rolls, which do not taste anything like King's Hawaiian rolls to me, but are still pretty nice. (They are more vanilla-tasting, where the King's have a distinct pineapple note.)
Sunday I think the antibiotics and leaving his collar off in the house are really helping B with his respiratory issues. He has been getting good sleep, and was bright as a button on Sunday morning. I gave him a groom while Spouse cooked (maple bacon and sourdough french toast with fresh raspberies for breakfast. WOWSERS.)

B positively wallowed in his grooming, and even seemed to be glad to get his nails trimmed. Spouse's delicious breakfast didn't make him cry, either.

After breakfast was done, I did a bit more housework, then Spouse and I drained off the pool, which was overfull from the rainstorm we had last week.

Then we got cleaned up, I grapped a water sample, and we headed out to do the same thing we did on Saturday, but to my Sonic. Filled, vacuumed, washed, polished, and looking sweet!

And we stopped at Aldi to get a bunch of the stuff we forgot to buy on our Saturday adventures.

Then we got the water tested, picked up the chemicals we needed, and took a scenic route home...we were thinking of stopping at a roadside stand for some corn and tomatoes, but they all have gravel lots, and we had JUST finished cleaning the car, so we gave up on the idea.

After we gave the pool her dose (Still haven't been in it, by the way), we broke down and repackaged the jumbo pack of checken legs we bought Saturday (15 legs for $3.20!), and I took a third of them and threw them into a quickie homemade teriyaki marinade, planning ahead for Monday's dinner.

I was lazy in the afternoon, reading and playing computer games and surfing the internet.

And here's the reason why I was feeling lazy: SO many palpitations this weekend. The most I've had in a while, and every day. And night. Even in my sleep...strong enough to wake me up! Those attacks leave me drained and kill my focus. I'm thinking it might be a delayed reaction to how stressed out I was all week--I mean, Google palpitations and it's all "stress" this, and "anxiety" that. Not hard to see that most of my issues are probably rooted in the anxiousness.

Spouse made country-style ribs for dinner, low and slow in the oven, with Russell's sauce. No surprise, they were yummy. For my end, I steamed basmati in the Zojirushi and tossed a simple salad. plus another Aloha roll, and for dessert, just some Trader Joe's Triple Ginger Thins for me, and Chocolate Chip Dunkers for Spouse. Then the usual cleanup, followed by prepping for Monday morning.
I am really starting to wonder if I did something horrible to my right arm. It seems to be getting better...then it starts cramping...then I feel a snapping sensation in my bicep and the pain is excruciating again. This has happened for the third time now, while I was getting ready for work this morning.

Oh, well--it takes my mind off the palpitations, I guess.

I stopped at OUR Costco on the way home from work, since B's prescription was ready. Since it was a dreary day, I thought I'd take advantage of not feeling beaten to death by the late afternoon sun, and make the pit stop. Of course, the sun came out just as I got off of work.

I also stopped at Target; I honestly haven't been in there in a couple of years. I'm not a big Target shopper. But I needed a few things I couldn't get at Costco, and they are right there in the same retail park. They are remodeling, and it took me aback to see the new look. Very nice, I think. And everything is still in more or less the same location, which made me happy.

Dinner tonight was easy enough--I baked the teriyaki chicken legs in the oven, and we had rice and a salad again. Tomorrow is taco Tuesday, but homemade, not el Fuego.

I am feeling kind of glum, tonight. Tomorrow is the 5th anniversary of my mom's death. Complicated relationship or not, I sure miss her. It seems to be weighing me down a bit.

Reading: "Other People's Business; the Romantic Career of the Practical Miss Dale" (1916), by Harriet Lummis Smith. I've read this once or twice, but it is so well-written I feel like reading it again.

Listening: Randy VanWarmer, Gino Vanelli, Bertie Higgins, Dave Loggins

Inked Up: The Conklin Duragraph (Amber) fine, with Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Brown, Visconti Mirage (Emerald) fine, with Diamine Misty Blue, Bexley 10th Anniversary ("Lime" Green) custom italic, with Montblanc Burgundy. The purple Metro ran dry and I haven't bothered inking up anybody else.

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