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Monday, Mar. 07, 2005,

The verdict? That is one bad bar. With seriously large, strong, and easily available beverages.

But a pretty loose and fun-loving clientele.

The downside is; I really didn't get to talk to anyone because of the noise and intoxication levels. But I was able to at least say "hi" to a lot of people I admire, and let Weet know I couldn't come to Green Bay on Weetacon weekend, and not stop in to say hello.

And get my leg humped by Chauffi. Who is as totally adorable drunk and in person as he is sober and online. And sing a lot of songs that, in the hard cold light of day, I'm embarassed to say I know the words to.

I feel guilty that I was such an old only-one-drink-poopyhead. The truth is, I was so whipped by Saturday night, I'd have been passed out in no time. But I still feel like a punk-ass piker.

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