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June 11, 2018, 7:18 P.M.

First reason for the title is that even though I'm off this week, I went in for a few hours this morning to cover a few essential tasks. Second reason is that even though I am off of work, I have an extensive list of chores and projects to do around the house.

And since we couldn't get anything done over the weekend due to shite weather (including getting the pool open!), that list will be even longer.

Spouse found a guy to do the concrete for a good price, and he will group a few small jobs together and let us know when he can come out. So one of the things I will have to work on is clearing out the back corner of the yard so we are ready for him. Lots of weeds and brush, some junk, and some dirt and sand that needs to be cleared away.

We didn't really do much of anything this weekend. B had yet another trip to the vet, another laser treatment, and yet another prescription. This time the doctor put him on a frigging anti-depressant. Trazodone, which is supposed to act as an anti-anxiety and OCD drug in dogs. So far all I've noticed is he's very sleepy and not very hungry. They also trimmed his nails, and I have to take him in on Wednesday for more laser.

I did the minimum of housework, and the laundry. We did the usual shopping and errands. Spouse picked up bomber sandwiches for dinner on Friday, made sticky wings for dinner on Saturday, and made Hawaiian-style grilled pork skewers for Sunday. Breakfasts were CJs Donuts on Saturday and homemade egg mcmuffins on Sunday. Just for fun, we figured out the cost difference between drive-thru and the home version, and found that McD's is $4.38 before tax for an Egg McMuffin and a hash brown patty. Our version was way better, and the price was 88 cents!

Other than that, I ate too much of things I shouldn't eat at all, and tried to avoid the triggery AF news feeds and social media, going on about Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain's suicides. Frankly, I can really do without all the Facebook psychologists pontificating about depression and suicide. I'm sure that most of them mean well, but that kind of shit drives me batty. My heart breaks for their loved ones, but I respect their decision as I would want mine respected. My attitude towards such actions is pretty much "oh, so I should just keep suffering inutterable pain and torture, because your feels are more important than my life or death?" Yeah, well...

I spent a lot of time with my nose in a book, actually, which was pretty enjoyable on a cold and rainy June weekend.

Reading: I think I'm in Joseph Crosby Lincoln mode--I finished "Extricating Obadiah" (1917), and went straight into a re-read of "Galusha the Magnificent" (1921). I finished that yesterday and I'm trying to decide what the next title will be. Maybe it's time to revisit Cap'n Eri?

Listening: Counting Crows, The Church, Weezer, Dave Matthews Band

Inked Up: Since I've got 5 inked up, no changes until somebody goes dry.
Bexley 10th/Binder Burgundy
Conklin Duragraph fine nib/Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Brown
JinHao X750 medium, with Rohrer & Klingner Blu Mare
Levenger Facets with custom color "Signed in Blood"
Knox Galilleo with Birmingham's Fred Rogers Cardigan Red

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