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October 23, 2017,

Thursday evening, while he was at school, I made a wacky cake because he's seen the damned things on TV like three times in recent months and he has been pestering me for one. He liked it. Good--they are quick, easy, and cheap, so that's a keeper.

Friday I took the day off, and got up early to take a long walk and start the day right. It was a gorgeous early morning for walking; cool, dry, and a sky full of stars. I did a brisk 1.5 miles or so, and then came home and tackled some minor houisekeeping projects in the kitchen before my shower. Later, we went up to Milwaukee shopping, instead of what we had originally planned, which was to go down to the Chicago suburbs and do it. Reason: he had to go to the airport and sign some papers for the new job (He's definitely got it, but still no start date or schedule yet). He got the papers signed, but not his airport ID because the ID office "doesn't make badges on Fridays", whatever the fuck that means. He has to go back on Monday.

I sat in the car and read Wikipedia articles about the ridiculously effed up succession of the House of Grimaldi, while he took care of business. Then we headed outto New Berlin to the Costco, and got a few things we needed for the house. They didn't have the frozen chicken or the baking cocoa I wanted, but they did have a few other things we needed and I was going to have to go to the one in PP anyway, because we had prescriptions to pick up.

After that, we stopped at the new Meijer they built on the site of the old nursing home where my FIL died. A very nice store. And they had the Pilot Metropolitans and Parallels in the stationery department! I had seen on r/fountainpens that some Meijers did, but this was the first time I'd been able to check. Score! Got the Retro-Pop Aqua with a fine nib ($12.99, no converter), and a 2.4mm Pilot Parallel ($6.99).

Once we got back to town, we stopped at Fresh Thyme for a few things, then came home and put everything away. And since it was supposed to be my vacation day, I relaxed the rest of the afternoon, playing with my pens. Up to the point where I found out his doctor had not, nearly one month later, received anything at all from Quest Diagnostics, and so I had to go online and send them a fire-breathing email, pretending to be him, and practically beat him with a stick to get him to promise to follow up with a phone call on Monday.

And I made chicken nuggets, french fries, and a salad for dinner, because fuck cooking on my day off.
Saturday, we made a nice breakfast of old-school Egg McMuffins--same ingredients as McD. but much better quality. Off the chain! Quite delicious. Not exactly healthy, though.

Then we got dressed and took a drive out to Brightonwoods Orchard to get apples and cider. I checked out the cheese spreads and some other stuff, but just got a peck of assorted varieties, a 3-lb bag of HoneyCrisp seconds, and a 1/2 gallon of cider. Spouse bought a bottle of their apple wine to send to my cousin in AZ. Not cheap--all that ended up being nearly forty bucks.

We stopped at the Costco for the scripts and some pill pockets for the dog, then came home because I had a plan for what I wanted to get done. First, tackle the laundry, and a close second, make another batch of the pressed sugar cookies, so I could finally give W her birthday present--like a month late.

The cookies went as perfectly the second time as they did the first, which was greatly pleasing. Once those were done and all the mess cleaned up and equipment put away and the laundry caught up, I relaxed for a while and then put in potatoes to bake and made salads for dinner, to go with the grilled chops Spouse was making. After dinner, we cleaned up the mess and just hung out all evening before headig off to bed.
Sunday dawned dismal, and Spouse made sausage and pancakes for breakfast. I washed the dishes, and then I just started to go outside to start bringing in my stuff from the flower garden, and it started pissing rain. So I just brought in the Dad's birdhouse planter, and then went out and got thegazing ball and the birdbath, and broke them down, cleaned them, and packed them away in their boxes so they don't get broken over the winter. Finished some lingering laundry, too.

After that was done, we were lounging in the living room when the kerfuffle occurred (click back for explanation, but beware of rage). At the point where I felt I was back in control and knew what was going on, we settled back down, but let me tell you, I'm still pretty damned pissed about it.

Since we had just eaten the last jar of homemade applesause, and we had been to the orchard, I peeled a dozen apples and made a fresh batch. I got four pint jars out of it, and they are in the freezer awaiting our pleasure. It came out nice--I used a blend of Ida Reds, Golden Delicious, MacIntosh, and one other I forgot the name of. The flavor is complex and a little floral--I love it.

And that kind of activity helps settle my anxiety, so it pays off in more ways than just fresh applesauce.

He went out to the store at one point because we had forgotten to buy bread and carrots, and managed to come home without bread. (I think he must want me to divorce him, I really do.)

I sat down to transcribe some recipes from shows I had on the DVR, and that took a nice chunk of the afternoon.

Late in the afternoon, I ran over to W & T's for our belated birthday exchange. I got a string of amber chips and a lovely drawstring bag from them, they got my cookies, and we had a nice visit. I indulged in some classic PA behavior by coming home 15 minutes after the time dinner was ready, just to piss him off a little. It worked, but it backfired, because I ended up stuck doing all the dishes.

Fortunately, he went to bed early and left me the hell alone, because I was about fed up to the teeth with him. I'd had all I could take for one weekend. I watch QI XL for the season premiere of season O, prepped for morning, and went to bed.

Reading: Technically, I guess, I'm still reading "Matriarch: Queen Mary and the House of Windsor" (1984), by Anne Edwards. I mean I haven't decided to abandon it, or anything. But I haven't really been "book reading" at all the last several days. When I did have time to read, I managed to fall down a succession of Wikipedia rabbit holes, trying to follow the ins and outs of European royalty in the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.

Listening: REM, Pearl Jam, Cheap Trick

Inked Up: Bexley 10th Anniversary with custom italic nib, Iroshizuku Kon Peki, Conklin Duragraph fine nib, Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Brown, and my brand new bargain-price Pilot Metro, Aqua Retro-Pop, fine nib, inked with Rohrer & Klingner Blu mare.

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